The race for titles and leadership has become the norm of the day for Ghanaian Pastors as they battle it out to stay relevant in their respective call of offices as enshrined in the Holy Scriptures that denotes the five call offices which descends from the priesthood an Apostle , Prophet , Evangelist, Pastor and the level of teacher of the scriptures.

 In an exclusive interview sighted by, the lead Pastor and presiding bishop Isaac Nii Armah Aryee popularly known as GodEyes of the seed of jesus international fire ministry also known as Dr. Jesus Church Hospital has made a very profound statement pertaining to the lifestyle of some ministerial leaders in the Christendom as he lays his claims towards the presiding bishop of International Gods Way Church, Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim.

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According to the man of God , Bishop Isaac Aryee a.k.a (GodEyes) who is famously known for raising the dead hinted that , the current crop of ministers are blindly imitating the mistakes done by some top ministerial leaders in the country and in his submissions hinted on the life style of Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim, stating that the renown man of God has lost his way as a minister called with a mandatory duty to serve the needy and destitute in society, He further conjoined his claims with a statement that Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim has gotten where he is now for the sole aim of extending a helping hand to the destitute in society, needy , orphans and widows which obviously he has backslided from the divine call bestowed upon him. Bishop Angel GodEyes explained.

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However as to what message he has for his colleague Angel, he never stated it in his speech rather, he hinted on Bishop Angel Obinim’s angelic background as he he states, ” Obinim is a true angel and  he is part of the a ground of angels that has the characteristics of an eagle which is in relation to the four living creatures found in the book of Revelation.

The newly discovered Angel GodEyes is the founder and CEO of United Spiritual Professionals Africa Foundation (USPAF-GH) a non-governmental organization poised in rendering service and providing the basic needs to the less privileged and needy in society.