Coby Seed: ‘Christian Anthem’ slated to be released on December 1st,2018


Creative song writer and Gospel art Coby Seed has hinted that his most talked about single titled the ‘Christian Anthem’ is slated to be released on December 1st this very year.

In an exclusive interview with amanieonline reporter Seth Nana Poku, the ‘Finally-Finally’ hit maker revealed that, the sudden change of date from next year as anticipated is as a result of the sudden departure of the late Mavis Oten, Coby Seed’s wife-to-be.

He further hinted that, the most talked about single dubbed the ‘Christian Anthem’ features the voice of the late Mavis Oten and in accordance to expressing his love and last respect to the departed,Coby Seed chose December 1st this year to launch the ‘Christian Anthem’.

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Apparently the song was dated to be released early January next year but the whole next year agenda came to a halt upno hearing the demise of the late Mavis Oten,Coby Seed’s wife-to-be.

The multi lingual song composer and singer also took the privilege to inform his fan-base, lovers and all sympathizers to come grace the unveiling of the ‘Christian Anthem’ on December 1st, a day which also happens to be the funeral of the late Mavis Onten.

Background Story;

The sudden departure of Mavis Angel Oten Adomako has undoubtedly come as a shocking news to versatile Gospel artiste Coby Seed and the entire CobySeed fan base world wide upon hearing the sad report of a car accident at the Winniber junction which claimed at least six lives and rending many people casualties.

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Her demise which is dated November 4,2018 came as a result of a car crash at the Winniber junction road when the late Mavis Angel Oten was returning from lectures at the Perez University Winniber campus where she was a level 300 student who enrolled into the long distance learning or education of the prestigious Institution.

Coby Seed and the late Mavis Oten (Wife-to-be)

In a close interaction with the ‘Finally Finally’ hit-maker,he revealed that on that every faithful day, he (Coby Seed) made romantic talks with the late Mavis Oten his wife-to-be over the phone about 1:00 pm GMT in which the late Mavis confessed her love for the Gospel art Coby Seed,telling him she misses her husband-to-be and will return a call to him after lectures but received a strange call within three hours later just to be informed that his dearest wife-to-be  the late Mavis Oten has being involved in a fetal car accident which claimed about six lives including the late Mavis Oten.


According to report gathered by amanieonline reporter Seth Nana Poku, preparations are currently on-going to put in place pragmatic steps to give the late Mavis Angel Oten Adomako a befitting burial and in the appropriate given time, dates and all other arrangement for the funeral will communicated to the COBYSEED fan-base and all sympathizers.

However, the Gospel musician who is in the state of mourning hinted that, the yet to be released Gospel banger titled ‘Christian Anthem’ has the late Mavis’ voice featured on the song and that has left him with a heavy and sorrowful heart each time he thinks about yet to be released song hence it continuously brings up the demise of his late wife-to-be Mavis Angel Oten Adomako.