A new seal which depicts the tradition, culture and true reflection of the good people of Osu has been unveiled at brief colorful ceremony held today in Accra.

The new seal became necessary after due consultation between the heads of the four (4) quarters of Osu stool in order to signify the true pattern and tradition of Osu.
Elements of the new seal depicts the Osu Mantse Linguist staff, a black stool surrounded by ‘nyanyara’ all bound together by burgundy circle signifying unity and consensus building.
The linguist staff is made up four joined heads; corresponding to the four division heads of Osu, with an additional head set on top; which is the Osu Mantse.
The black stool represent the authority of the Osu stool, Set Kwame, as well as the collective power of the Osu people.
The ‘nyanyara’ is a sacred plant with unique mystical, spiritual and protective powers of the Ga people.
This is the old revered symbol of Osu Mantse and his people.
Speaking during the event, Nii Nortey Adumuah IV, Osiahene of the Osu stool stated that “In order to clearly communicate and prevent unauthorized persons from taking advantage of the Osu stool symbol, henceforth, it is only the new Osu stool seal which will be used for all official communication,”
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By Evans Sewornu