The official Grand Opening of “OFEIBEA SPOT”, an Ultramodern and rebranded Ghanaian business joint has been fixed for Sunday, 16th October, 2022.

Located at East Legon, Ogbojo, (GD-064-3766), St. Peter’s Drugstore, a suburb in Accra, the modern edifice will boost of a spacious and conducive environment for all events.

Providing mouthwatering delicacies ranging from both local and continental, ‘Ofeibea’ Spot will be opened to all ages. Touching on it hallmark of healthy food and drinks across varieties.

In an exclusive chit chat with the Chief Executive Officer, Georgina Ofeibea Dei reiterated the need for the reviving of the joint.

“The motivation behind Ofeibea spot is that, I love to cook at a tender age and growing up, I get much happier whenever I see people enjoying my food. However, it’s an old spot of the family I am reviving …” She said

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Promoting, good health, diversity and culture, the CEO revealed plans of expanding the tentacles of the business.

“Yes we have outlined some plans for future in order to introduce the business across the region and even the country, but at the right time. God help us,” she stated.

‘OFEIBEA’ spot will be the perfect atmosphere for all football enthusiasts, enjoy live matches among other sporting disciplines and experience the coolzy ‘Ofeibea’.

By Nicholas Akussah