Weija: Marijuana aka ‘Wee’ is killing our youths


The fight against the abuse of powerful but harmful drugs such as marijuana popularly known as ‘wee’ or ‘weed’ has become one of the major crisis weija a suburb in Accra under the Weija constituency is facing as the youths of that community continuously indulge themselves into such a deadly act of smoking marijuana with the perception of boosting their moral and creating an energetic atmospheric condition to equip them undertake any work given them.

According to some concern individuals in the Weija communities, the act has been in existence since time memorial and unfortunately it is gradually becoming a habitual act amidst Weija youths activities and even some aged persons in the providence of Weija.

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The unlawful act practiced by some irresponsible youths in Weija has undoubtedly tainted the well anticipated reputation of the Weija community which if not given the necessary attention will result in viewing the township and its inhabitants to be a production house of notorious criminals and drug lords.

However it is alleged that some prominent individuals who resides in the Weija community are also very much abreast with the day-by-day transactions of marijuana and the awful speculated happenings going on and apparently they are the gurus cited to be the master minds behind the marijuana agenda in Weija.

In response to finding a remedy o the issue at hand, amanieonline.com has revealed it willingness to collaborate with the Ghana Police Service and individuals,elders and chiefs of the Weija communities to combat the abuse and smoking of marijuana by some irresponsible youths and aged persons in Weija.